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[Note2]CWM RECOVERY for N7100(2012/10/14)

Thanks to chainfire remind me, You are my idol!
I in order to reduce the size of cache.img, using the wrong parameters,I am very sorry.
If you have used “cwm6-root-note2.tar” file(before October 11th). to get root, Your phone cache partition size will only 5M, If your cache partition larger than 100M does not have this issue.
Reboot into recovery, Do “wipe cache” will be able to solve this issue.
The error file has been deleted.

Update CWM Recovery(2012/10/14):

Update CWM Recovery to
Change log detail in here:https://github.com/CyanogenMod/andro…mits/jellybean
Fix errors, and add the option to install zip from adb sideload.
CWM Recovery(Flash via odin): cwm6-recovery-n7100-121014.tar
CWM Recovery(Flash via CWM Recovery): cwm6-recovery-n7100-121014.zip
CWM Recovery with auto root(Unrar, Flash cwm6-root-n7100.tar via odin): cwm6-root-n7100-121015.rar

Update auto root package(2012/10/12):

Thanks chainfire.
CWM Recovery(121011) with root.
Fixed wrong cache partition size.
CWM Recovery with auto root(Unrar, Flash cwm-root-note2.tar.md5 via odin):cwm6-root-n7100.rar

Update CWM Recovery(2012/10/11):

Default backup format is tar.
Add backup prompt(thanks ChodTheWacko).
Fix dd command(detail).
CWM Recovery(Flash via odin):cwm6-recovery-n7100-121011.tar 13f11ca9f299f38ca79e7b125d0c5a9f
CWM Recovery(Flash via CWM Recovery):cwm6-recovery-n7100-121011.zip 632235fb1fb139efd3586ce422e2c7b6

First upload(2012/09/23):

N7100 CWM Recovery(tested): cwm6-recovery-note2.tar.md5
I317 CWM Recovery(tested): cwm6-recovery-i317.tar.md5


-Reboot device to download mode
-Open odin and select downloaded file for PDA tab
-Connect device to PC, and wait till device successfully added to com port
-Use Triangle away reset flash counter(thanks chainfire).

My English is not good, pls forgive me.
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