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[DHD]ROM Cleaner v5.0r3


  • All Scripts in a unique AROMA Installer
  • Rosie does not get removed, so you will still have the HTC App Launcher! - this is the best way to come close to a no-sense ROM and still use HTC Sense
  • Fully compatible with Sense 3.0, 3.5, 3.6, 4.0 and AOSP ROMs with ICS
  • Everything is rebuilt from ground and this much more simple than before
  • ROMCleaner app-list in a user friendly format
  • Backup Tool will make your flashing like “a walk in the park”
  • Follow our “Quick Guide” in the AROMA Installer under “How-to-use” and you will know when and how to run the scripts
  • For more details read the guide in second post

ROM Cleaner Featured On XDA!!!

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  • very nicesimple and fast way to delete stuff from your device
  • takes less then 5 seconds to delete all the listed applications and files in the list
  • no trash left behind as it will be if you delete files manually using RootExplorer
  • more free RAM for apps that you are actually using
  • users have reported better battery life and device speed improvements with ROM Cleaner

If you find this tool goodgreatawesome or maybe even the best thing you ever tried, then please send us a beer or hit the “Thanks Button” or leave some feedback 

Before and after pictures.
In this example, Desire HD loaded with ARHD 5.2.5 – Sense 2.1.

Before ROM Cleaner | After default ROM Cleaner

Please always respect our work and be friendly and helpful to other members in this thread.

This is an example of how the ROMCleaner text file looks like. (3.0>) Many, Many more Apps in the real list.

If you want to report a problem with ROM Cleaner or any of the other scripts!
Open ROM Cleaner – AROMA and run “Log Collection”.
In “/sdcard/ROMCleaner” you will find RC_LogCollection.tar, please upload this file together with a description of your problem.
With this log we can in most cases solve your problem within minutes!



ROM Cleaner v5.0r3

ROMCleaner_user.txt use this with Sense 4.0 ROMs Right-Click and Save as…
>Follow instructions in second post how to edit this to fit your demands…

ROMCleaner_user.txt use this with Sense 3.0 – 3.6 ROMs Right-Click and Save as…
>Follow instructions in second post how to edit this to fit your demands…

Also make sure to use Notepad++ when editing ROMCleaner_user.txt in Windows.
Requirements: 4EXT or CWM Recovery (>= 3.x.x.x / Must be an official version and support BusyBox)

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